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What does it take for a business to be a well-oiled machine? In today’s marketplace, technology plays an integral role. It facilitates employee productivity. Contributes to overall performance. Safeguards data security. Without technology, a company runs the risk of obsolescence through the inability to compete.

Maui Consulting works with companies of all sizes to develop and maintain their technology architecture, infrastructure and equipment needs. As business owners as well as technology experts, we are able to provide the strategic and tactical guidance to meet your specific goals and objectives.

  • Best use of tech
  • Technology Architecture
  • Upgrading to new tech
  • Best practices
  • Business and ecommerce consulting

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On Call – On Site service Covering all of your hardware and software needs. We remove viruses and malware. Perform data backups. Tutor you on how to best use your computer or electronics. TV LCD and Plasma repair. Smart Hands. We can help!
- Chris Taylor, Founder.

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